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I took your class Feb 23 at Jennings...I was the Old guy (57 then)

Thought you might get a kickout of learning that I did race 3 CCS weekends, in 15 races, some F40's, 3 MW Supersports (many young hot rods in this class), 1 rookies cup, and a few GTU's.

I took

  • 8 - 1sts
  • 4 - 2nds

In another race my suit zippercame down, and I had to pull off, and the remaining race I started poorly and got a 6th.

I guess your school helped me get started in racing in a winning way, Thanks!

 Jack E




I Did the Ed Bargy School Last Weekend (June9)

Just a few words about it. It's a single day school, packed full of  classroom time for explanation of riding/race methods, to the track to work on the techniques that were just taught, and then repeat. Started at 7:00am ended around 6 after a written test, then (some of us) were awarded a "Graduation" certificate stating we could obtain a race license if we wanted to.

I had an absolute blast. I learned a ton about race lines, braking, steering, throttle control, setting up for a turn, how to walk a track and what criteria to look for, on and on. Mr. Bargy is 65 years old and still gets out there and rails it! He started racing in the 1960's and he said his last competitive race was in the early 2000's. He's just a really impressive human being. He teaches techniques that are simple and gives the scientific explanation of why these techniques are timeless on a 2 wheeled machine, despite technology. He said the best innovations that he has witnessed over the years that have made the biggest difference are tires, and brakes. I wish I could've stayed for the XAct track day the next day, but had to head home. I was worn out, to say the least. It was an action packed day, I just hope that I can retain most of what I learned and gained out there. We did a mock race at the end of the day. It was only 5 laps, but getting out there and racing with 15 other guys in the class was just really cool. The best part was WINNING the mock race (and lapping a few peeps, too) It's a great feeling. 

I recommend this class to anyone. Totally worth it, and the price is perfect. Groups of 6 or more get a discount.




This is one of the best schools I've ever taken and I've taken a few.  

You have a unique ability to explain things.  

Loved the explanations about gearing and ratios, when you know you can go faster, why do a track walk etc.  

Ananth S




I've never taken a school - yet. But when I do it will be with Bargy. Just sitting around at Tally drinking and talking smack with Ed for an hour I learned more than I knew after riding a lifetime.  It's plain and simple for me - he speaks my language.  Plain. simple instructions with enough science put into it to make you think and say Sh... - I've been doing it this way and not that way.





Ed Bargy Race School REVIEW/ SUMMARY  BY Louie B.

Hey guys, i put together a group to join in on the Ed Bargy Race School for this past weekend. I wanted to share my experience and what i thought of the class just in case anyone is debating if they want to do this school. I have not done any other schools, so i can only speak on my experience of this one.

The day started with a tech inspection of the bike, and then get geared up on the bike for the morning intro. We gathered up on our bikes, Ed and his instructors gave us a brief introduction. From there we went out to the track, and stopped at various spots on the track and went over things to look for on a track and tips to knowing and learning the layout and condition of a track. This seemed like a very basic thing, that also may go overlooked by plenty of people who dont know what to look for. I found this part very informative, and something i would have completely overlooked had he not gone over it.
We pitted back in, and then right back out to follow the instructors around the track for a few slow laps, just to learn the basic race line of the track.

Next it was straight to the classroom. The whole day was just like that, on the track for practice, then straight to the classroom. Track, class, track, class, track, class... Everything taught in each class, got to be practiced in the next session.

The way each class session was taught, was progressive into the next. You start with the basics, then progressively learn what you need to do to improve what was previously learned. Everything was broken down in plain english so even someone new to motorcycles could understand. Nothing seemed over my head or beyond me at any point. It was even hard to come up with questions to ask, because everything was explained so well LOL.

What I took from this, was the knowledge of what I need to do to improve. I now know what I  have to look for and understand what I need to do to improve myself. I got faster during the day, but with the knowledge i have picked up in the class, i know what to do to keep improving. I can easily figure out what i am doing wrong, and what i need to do to correct it.
Like the saying goes, give a man a fish he eats for a day, teach a man to fish, he eats for life. Not sure if thats exactly the words of the quote but you get the point.

The last session was a few practice laps, and a mock race. I have to admit, none of us were trying to
win tropies, but it was absolute fun. Then into the class for the short and simple written test.
Ed even had a few cold ones on ice for us at the end of the day.

I went into the class with high hopes, and those hopes were surpassed. I had an absoulute blast the whole day, learned so much, and I am thankful to Ed Bargy and his instructors for a great day. If you are on the fence about doing this, even if you arent looking to race, you will not be disappointed.




Ed, thanks to you I dropped 10 seconds in one day at Tally. Reference points, reference points, reference points.

Thank you.

Will be attending your school again next year.

Randall H.




For those that don't understand... there is a lot to be learned from Ed.   I've taken the course several times and had a ball everytime.

Jim W.




Fantastic day,  Great education, Great experiance,

Many thanks.  

Richard J




Hello Ed,

 I just wanted to say thank you for Saturday. I learned alot from you and I could tell on the track. Also I plan on selling my Buell soon and getting a race bike. I want to try and compete in a few WERA races next year.

 Thanks again

Zack C.




Instrustors on track gave better feedback than at a _ _ _ _ _  trackday  

Bryan R  




Loved Ed's teaching style.

Diana P




Really enjoyed everthing.  Very informative. Will be back for sure.  

Daniel T




Loved the class, would recommend.  

Bryal S





Ryan A.




Loved it!  Learned sooooo much.  Got way faster!  

Thanks Ed!  

Made my first experience unforgetable and amazing!  

Kaj K




Big improvement in my riding.  

Lots of new stuff to think about & work on.  

Progressive braking helped alot,  didn't realze how unprogressive I was.  

Thanks for passing on your knowladge.  

Todd W.




May 20th 2011

Race school at JGP.

I just wanted to thank you and your no bs approach on what is really important, while coming up into full racer mode. I learned alot and I am very thank full for everything. Just wish my foot was up to the task for the sprint races on Sunday. But it;s sometimes better safe then sorry. I did in like doing the HW solo 20 and look foward to seeing you alot more.
Thanks again

Scott F.




Had a great time. Didn't know how much was wrong with the way I rode.  Kinda took me out of my "comfort" zone and made me aware of the corrections that I needed to make.  After taking your class I realize I need to work on a lot.  "Coasting" hit home for me,because I'm the world's worst about it.  Body position was another big hitter.  Lots to work on.  More seat time for me then maybe start doing some track days.

Thanks a million!  

Bryan S




Loved the school.

Lectures were easy to understand and informative.

Overall good time.

Will definitely recommend

David D.




I totally enjoyed the class.

Never a boring minute on the track or in the classroom.

I learned a lot.

Thank you so much.  

Terri L. H.




Great instructors - Nice track

Ed's techniques are very different from past courses I've taken.

I found aspects of it very helpful.  

David B.




Boy did I learn a lot.  Ed's style was fun but effective.  His ability to explain how to use the techniques and why was exceptional.  His understanding of & ability to explain the elemants of traction was superb  

Margie L.




I loved it.  So happy to participate!  Great instructors!  Will highly recommend to everyone.  Thank you  

Dan S.




This is an excellent school and a great instructor.  I would recommend to anybody.  Ed teaches tons of technique that will definitely help you.  

Alberto Z.




Awsome !!!

Fred W.




March 26

I dont know if you remember me..I took riders school from you at Summit in 84. This is a picture from that day. I have had a great carreer that lasted 30 years and still race. I won the CCS Florida UL Championship last season. I remember everthing you taught me especially...RIDE YOUR OWN BIKE! I have had a very safe carreer as a result of the principals you taught me.
Thank you,

Tony M




Bryan Stilwell March 25

Ed, I'd love to know when your third book "Sport Bike Myths & Hoaxes" is coming out. I showed a friend of mine wrong on his "counter steering" method by letting him read a copy of the book I got in your class.




April 22  

Say Ed,
I took your class around 1998-1999 at Talladega and remembered the discussion on the Daytona Draft. I got to put that to the test at Daytona and man what a ride! I did what you said and everything fell into place. I blew by Stan Keyes. Thanks for the knowledge

John M




Bob G.

Took your school back in 2002, won 2 Team Challenges at Daytona since then. Thanks!




    May 20th 2011

    Race school at JGP.

    I just wanted to thank you and your no bs approach on what is really important, while coming up into full racer mode. I learned alot and I am very thank full for everything. Just wish my foot was up to the task for the sprint races on Sunday. But it;s sometimes better safe then sorry. I did in like doing the HW solo 20 and look foward to seeing you alot more.
    Thanks again

    Scott F.



    I took the school on July 9, 2011. I arrived at the trackaround 7:00 A.M and checked in. At exactly 8:00 A.M, we went on the track for a track walk, to familiarize ourselves with the track. At this point, Mr. Bargy taught us skills on how to analyze every track, not just Jennings GP. From there we went on to the classroom, and we had alternating classroom and track time, where we practiced what we learned in the class on the track. The class was extremely beneficial. I recently started doing trackdays, and wanted to learn the proper skills for trackdays and race days. I have to say, learned A LOT. I actually felt a lot more confident, and felt my lap times improve. By the end of the day; I had learned and gained so much confidence, it was unbelievable. The class is definitely worth every penny. One key advise for this class is BE ON TIME. There is so much information, that there is no time to waste.

     I also have to say that Ed Bargy is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. He truly cares about his students, and is a great teacher. I had a long conversation with him after our class, and he really gave me some valuable advice. I feel very privileged to have taken his class. 



    Mohamad Z.