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    "The Real Racing Schools"


    Here is what you are looking for  

    The Ed Bargy Schools are the most comprehensive and experienced, advanced high performance riding schools in the country.  Ed's experience dates back to 1968.  His motorcycle riding school breaks and debunks many of the common myths about motorcycle riding.   Year rouund classes at Jennings GP FL and Talladega GPR  AL.


    About The Advanced Riding & Racing School

    This is not just some expert sitting with you under an easy up on pit road all day or two guys standing in front of the classroom rambling on and it's not some retired pro trying to cash in on a big name.  The Ed Bargy School is a "real school" with a "real instructor".  The school has formal classroom sessions with structured and organized curriculum followed by live track sessions with "true expert trackside instructors".   


    The school has evolved over several decades (more than five to be exact) and is very comprehensive.  The amount of material covered is equivalent to about a 4 credit hour and 14 week college course.


    There are several types of discounts for the school and several major racing companies are offering EBRS graduates discounts on products and services Click on Prices & Policies for more details.  There is a total value greater than $200.000 in available discounts.


    Track Day Techniques

    The techniques are taught from a racing view point.  Non racing track day techniques are the same as racing techniques with some suttle differences. Riding fast on a paved road course requires proper riding skills reguardless of the reason for going fast.  The trackday techniques are just a little more conservative in application with less emphasis on achieving the ultimate performance out of the bike.  


    Whether you wish to go racing, enjoy track days or just be a better informed street sportbike rider,  why not learn for an instructor with decades of motorcycle teaching experience?  Learn simple common sense techniques, with no hype or jargon.  Techniques that are easy to understand, easy to apply and actually work.  


    School Specifics

    All Ed Bargy track based schools are race certifying schools.

    Some minor bike preparation is required for use on the track (refer to the "bike Prep" page)

    All major credit cards accepted.


    Ed Bargy Racing LLC has school gift certificates available for birthdays, Bar Mitvahs, Christmas, Hanukkah, Graduation, and Anniversaries.  call to for details

    Office hours are Monday thru Thursday Noon till 6:00PM  


    W.E.R.A. is offering a $50.00 discount to all Ed Bargy Racing School graduates towards their first years provisional license. Students will receive a coupon upon graduation to redeem the discount.

    The Ed Bargy School will be counted as one of the two provisional weekends required to achieve full W.E.R.A. Novice status


    The schooldays are divided up between classroom and track sessions. Each classroom lecture will cover one specific riding technique.  The lecture is then followed up by a live track session to try out and work on the information covered in the classroom while it is still fresh in the students mind.   To maintain consistency and depth of information and material covered this is not a school just carrying the Ed Bargy name.  Ed Bargy is the main classroom instructor.  Ed Bargy will, on occasion,bring in an outside expert in various fields for example a tire expert like Michelin or a chassis set up professional such as GMD Computrac.

    There are times a student will have a new question which has not been answered during the classroom lectures.  Students are encouraged to ask questions.  As Ed says "There Is No dumb Question", "There are a lot of dumb answers though".  Our job as instructors is to pass the information that you need to you.  If you are not getting the information you need ASK !!

    Students ride their own motorcycles.  This will allow students to ride a machine that he or she is familiar with.  The student doesn't have to try to figure out a strange bike and work on all of the techniques covered in the school.   

    Items supplied to the students (subject to availabilty)

    • Ed's book "Introduction to Motorcycle Roadracing"

    • The Text Book "Introduction to Motorcycle Roadracing" by Ed Bargy

      • (the only school where students actually recieve a true text book)

    • Michelin tire discount

    • GMD Computrack discount

    • WERA racing membership discount

    • Chicken Hawk Warmers discount

    • Complimentary copy of Roadracing World's Trackday Directory

    • Snacks (chips, candy and munchies)

    • Refreshments (sports drinks, soft drinks and ice water)

    • Pens

    • Printed diplomas (suitable for framing)


    About The Track Sessions

    There are several expert track side instructors /observers available to give pointers and critiques about your riding.  The instructors will be lined up on pit roadwhen the students come out of the classroom.  We realize not all students will come to the school at the same level of talent or skill.  Students are instructed to ride at their own comfort level.  Students are not required to ride extremely fast or extreamly slow. There are instructors designated to ride at different skill levels.  In this way there will be and instructor available for the hot shoe, the intermediate and the conservative student.  The student can then select which trackside instructor to work with.  

    The track sessions are actually specific exercises.  The student is instructed to concentrate and work on the technique covered in the classroom.  This way the student can learn the technique while it's still fresh in his mind.  If the student comes out on the track and works on his own agenda, he will miss the point of the school.  Each technique covered will build on the previous technique with each one getting more and more advanced.

    Topics Covered

    The class will cover all of the material required by the major sanctioning bodies such as WERA and CCS.  A written test at the end of the day will be on this material.  The class goes on to cover all of the high performance riding techniques to be a safe, fast and competent racer.

    Base Curriculum

    • Basic Race lines

    • Advanced Race lines

    • Alternate race lines

    • Double apex & late apex 

    • Overall gearing

    • Shifting

    • Crash avoidance

    • Precise steering techniques

    • Steering feedback

    • Sight steering

    • Steering in a panic mode

    • BasicBraking techniques & dynamics

    • Aggressive straight up braking

    • Trail braking techniques

    • Wet track braking

    • Knee dragging & body position

    • Visual reference points

    • Motorcycle dynamics of motion

    • Walking the track

    • Flags

    • Warm-up laps & Gridding

    • Track etiquette & rules of the road

    • Throttle control

    • Analyzing your line

    • Analyzing your overall performance


    Typical School Day


    Students should arrive early with: 

    • A motorcycle completely ready for the track.  

      • The student will not have any time in the morning to work on the bike. (see Bike Prep)

    • A motorcycle which is very reliable and easy to start.  

      • Bikes requiring to be bumped started are OK but seriously not recommended for the school.

    • A full tank of gas and a can with extra gas.

    • A friend to drive home.  (just in case)

    • A good night's sleep

    • An open mind and plenty of questions

    • Good quality riding gear



    • Gates open 06:30 AM most tracks

    • Student sign in 07:00AM SHARP

    • Tech inspection of motorcycles 07:15AM

    • First meeting /briefing on pit road with motorcycles and suited up ready to ride 08:00AM SHARP

    • First track session 08:15AM

    • Alternating track and classroom sessions 09:00AM - 5:30PM

    • Written test 5:30PM


    How To Pre-Register

    • Select a date on the calendar page

    • CALL-IN pre-registration  (404) 683 6071 will be available until 4:00PM on the Thursday before the event

      • All  discount packages must be CALLED-IN to pre-register.

      • You have the option of paying a deposit of $100.00 or pay in full.

      • Call-in registration is required for any of the package deals.

    • WALK-IN registration. will be space available and only where offered.  



    Call Ed Bargy at (404) 683 6071 9:00AM - 7:00PM Monday thru Thursday.