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    Lee Fields #82



Lee is an IT programer by trade.  Lee has been teaching for Ed Bargy for over 5 years.  Lee also is a regular control rider for X-Act Motorsports.  When Lee is not teaching for the Ed Bargy School his is also an expert WERA racer, with many wins and several championships under his belt.  When he's not on the track Lee is also an expert rock and mountain climbing instructor.  In his spare time he finds time to teach and coach firearm safety techniques.  


    Reggie Atkins #725  TSgt (US Army Ret)




      Fernando Greenwood #71

      Supervisor, AccountManagement, Business & Government Customer Operations | Verizon Enterprise Solutions


      Hometown: Canton, MS /Pittsburgh, PA

      Lives in: Flowery Branch, GA

      Favorite team: Pittsburgh Steelers

      Fernando is a member of management of a fortune 500 telecom company with 13 years of experience.  His passion has always been employee development with a personal love for motorsports and yes, the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

      Fernando's natural talent and ability to lead and his passion and innate love of motorcycles has led him to Ed Bargy Racing. He has been a competitive racer since 2006 and instructs with the world famous Ed Bargy Racing School. If it is not a racing or Steelers game weekend, you will find Fernando at Over Two Customs assisting and learning from his sponsors.  Fernando gives all credit to Over Two Customs for his beautiful fast ride.  He gives credit for his racing skills to his hard work and dedication and mentorship from Ed Bargy.   

      Fernando is also a Control Rider/Coach for Nola Motorsports Park. 

      "I’ve traveled a lot and participated in numerous sporting events/games, but nothing compares to my track experiences." F.G.


      Karl Marrow #912  Marietta GA


      "If it has two wheels......... I'll make it wheelie" K.M.



      KEN SMEDLEY #5



        Hometown:  Yorktown, VA

        Roadracing:  2010 – Present

        Racebike:  2007 Suzuki GSX-R 600

        Track/Street Bike:  2010 Ducati 848 Nicky Hayden Edition (Custom)


        WERA Northeast Championships:

          1st - Novice, Senior Superbike, 2011

        WERA Mid-Atlantic Championships:

          1st   - Novice, Senior Superbike, 2011

        WERA Grand National Finals:

          3rd Place, Senior Superbike, October 2011

        Lieutenant Colonel (USA) Ken Smedley  is an active-duty U. S. Army Combat Aviator (AH-64D Longbow Apache) who has spent the last 21 years defending our Nation.  A late entry into the road racing circuit, Ken maximized every opportunity to enhance his riding skills and experience from tracks across the country and overseas.  Ken has raced at road courses from Heartland Park in Topeka, Kansas to as Far East as Hockenheimring, Sachsenring, and the world famous Nurburgring - Nordschleife and GP track.  Ken’s commitment, dedication, and wealth of experience were significantly instrumental towards his 2011 WERA race season.


        Kencontinues with his passion to chase championships in WERA’s Northeast and Southeast Regions as an expert racer.  During his off-duty time, Ken promotes motorcycle safety in the military through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). 

        As a graduate of all three of the MSF Rider Courses,Ken was appointed as the Director/Lead Instructor/Rider Coach for over 100 active-duty officers, warrant officers, and enlisted soldiers assigned to the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade, Ansbach, Germany (2007-2010).  A two-time graduate of the EBRS, Ken is a natural fit for teaching, coaching, and mentoring those who want to enter the challenging sport of motorcycle racing.

        “Short of flying a$26 million attack helicopter, nothing compares to my motorcycle experiences and running top end at some of the best race tracks in the world!”  KBS