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Q… I have been doing trackdays with a couple of different trackday clubs for a couple of seasons now and I’ve taken all their “novice & intermediate” classes and schools.  Why should I take your school?   Rob S.  Jacksonville FL

            A… Most trackday clubs offer good information for their new riders. But, trackday promoters cannot afford for their events to become crash fests.  Because, a high rate of crashes would, in the long run, raise everybody’s costs through higher insurance cost etc, plus nobody want to see anyone get hurt.  Trackday clubs will teach good but conservative riding techniques.  These techniques will not teach you to get the maximum performance out of your bike.  These techniques will help ride at a good quick “sport” pace, have some fun on the track and avoid crashing a lot, which is a good thing.    My schools, on the other hand, will teach you how to squeeze the maximum performance out of your bike, turn some fast lap times, be competitive in sanctioned races or just be the fastest in your group, without crashing a lot.


Q... I want to learn better skills for riding my sportbike.  Do I really need to take a “Racing School”.


        A... Don’t let the name “Racing” scare you off.  There is only a small difference between an advanced riding school and a racing school. The racing school and an advanced riding school will teach about the same riding techniques.  After all a motorcycle is a motorcycle and pavement is pavement.  A racing school will have additional lectures about the protocols and rules of the road required by the race sanctioning bodies for new racers.  A racing school may emphasize more aggressive riding then a street school.  But if you learn the advanced control techniques of racing, you can tone them down as much as you need for your type of riding.  After all, an emergency situation on the street requires a high performance actions.

Q...Can I get My racing license from the one day school?


        A...Yes The one day and the two day schools are both race certifying schools.

Q...What is your instructor to student ratio?


        A...The "Ed Bargy Racing School" is run differently than many of the other schools out there.  Some schools will assign 5-10 students to an instructor. The students stay with that instructor all day.  That is nice personal instruction, but If you have five different instructors, you will have five different schools going on, because each instructor will have his own set of priorities of what to teach.  In the Ed Bargy school, Ed Bargy is the classroom instructor, so all students get the exact same information in a formal classroom setting and a structured curriculum.

Q...How much track time do I get?


        A...Enough.  Just riding a lot doesn't mean you are learning.  Each track session is a prescribed "Exercise".  Students are instructed  to work on and concentrate on the technique covered in the previous classroom session.  The early sessions are the basic techniques.  As the day continues the techniques get more and more advanced.

Q....I would love to come to the school and learn how to become a racer on a supersport bike.

What I want to know is the location of the school?

I also wanted to know, with me at 29, can I start a racing career?


       A.... I teach the class at two tracks, Talladega AL ( about 2 hours from Atlanta) and Jennings GP FL (about 4.5 hours south of Atlanta on I75).There are many racers in the sportsman level of amature roadracing that started late.  Starting at 29 you may never be an AMA PRO but, you can have a lot of fun in the amature racing such as WERA & CCS clubs.

Also there are tons of trackdays available to sportsman riders.

Q.... Whats the difference between a "Two Day" and the "One Day" schools?


        A... The base material covered is the same in both schools.  In the two day;

  • The material is covered in more depth and less rushed  
  • Riders get a lot more track time
  • More time with trackside instructors-observers.  
  • We will offten bring in other expert, such as tire or chassis specialists for additional lectures.

Q...  What is the difference between the Refresher and the Recertification class?


         A... The Refresher is for previous Ed Bargy Graduates who just want to go through the school another time.  Many tell me they get a lot out of the class a second and third time through.  No written test and no diploma will be issued.


              The Recertification is for previous Ed Bargy Graduates who have let their racing license expire for too long or never applied for one. Written test is required to recieve a diploma.

Q... I took your school “X” number of years ago and did not obtain my racing license then.  Do I have to take another school.


        A... In most cases YES.  Most of the race sanctioning bodies such as W.E.R.A. require your school to be less the one year ago.

Q...How old do I have to be to take your school?


        A... That depends on the track we are using at the time.  Most tracks I can allow

  • 10yrs to12 yrs up to 125 cc
  • 12yrs to14 yrs old riding up to a Kaw. Ninja 250cc.
  • 14yrs to16 yrs riding up to an  Kaw EX 650cc or Suz SV 650cc
  • This can be amended by rider’s experience and skill level.

Q... I’ve signed up my minor child for one of your classes, can I sit in the back and audit the class with my kid?


        A...  Not only are you allowed, I require a parent/guardian to attend the classroom session with their minor aged child.  

Q...Can I camp at the track?


        A...Yes, at most tracks. Gates usually open 5pm to 10pm the night before.  Some tracks will charge a camping fee.

Q.... Can I get a gift certificate for my significant other?


         A.... Yes EBRS can e-mail, fax or snail mail, Personalized B-day, Xmas, Valentines day or just plain gift certs.

Q.... Why don't you offer three different levels of instruction, like other schools?


       A....  That may be the wrong question. The question should be

"Why do some other schools make you pay for three different levels?"   

       A....  to keep you coming back and spending more.


The truth is, high performance control of a motorcycle is NOT rocket science.  The techniques are simple.  With proper curriculum and structure they can be covered in one day.   Granted, when you leave the Ed Bargy School you may not be an expert racer, BUT after the class and with his book, you will know what you need to work on and you’ll know how to work on them.  

Q.... How many trackdays should I do before taking your school?


      A... A couple.  Take a few trackdays to get comfortable with the concept of riding at speed with other riders near you and to get comfortable with the rules of the road for trackdays.  Then get some formal instruction.  


I had one potential student say he was going to do about 2 dozen trackdays then take my school.  I don’t advise that.  Without formal training, the rider will GRIND IN some bad habits.  Also at most trackdays there are a few expert riders who know what they are talking about, but, there is also a LOT of BAD information floating around on street trackdays.  Without formal training you won't be able to tell one from another.



Q... Can I just take one day of a two day school?


        A... No!  The scheduled two day schools is just that, a full two day program, with half of the classroom session each day.  Most of my other schools during the year are "one Day" schedules.


Q... I took Brand X school two years ago, can I take your refresher class?


        A... No!  The refresher and the re-certifying classes are a discount offer for Previous Ed Bargy Graduates only.  BUT I offer an "Upgrade program" for graduates of other schools for a discounted price.