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Motorcycle  books

by Ed Bargy



"Introduction to  Motorcycle Roadracing"


The Real “How to" Book 


This book was compiled and written by Ed Bargy over five decades of involvement with motorcycle roadracing. The book contains concise, detailed and easy to understand information

It is written in plain English with no hype or Jargon. The art of motorcycle roadracing is broken down into simple easy to understand techniques that work.


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The Complete Anthology of Motorcycle Road Racing Lines"


Written by Ed Bargy and is the first of its kind.  It was written by a motorcyclist for motorcyclists.  With today's large influx of motorcycle track days around the country, there was a need for good information about motorcycle racing and or track day lines. 

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"BreakingThe Myths"

is a debunking of the most common myths and misunderstandings about motorcycle operation. Some of the myths covered are the function of body position/posture, gyroscopic forces, footpeg weighting just to name a few.  
Motorcycles must always obey the known laws of physics no matter how logical an incorrect theory sounds. There is an ample use of diagrams to easily visualize the dynamics being discussed.  

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